. Tasmanian Contracting Services
Tasmanian Contracting Services

Tasmanian Contracting Services

Tasmanian Contracting Services Pty Ltd (TCS) is the largest licensed Odco independent contracting agency operating in Tasmania.

What is Independent Contracting?

Independent contracting with Tasmanian Contracting Services (TCS) is a simple, cost effective way for businesses to legitimately engage independent contractors.
Tasmanian Contracting Services provides a system to help you manage your business.

People enter work contracts freely and for defined periods.

  • People with skills needed by your business register with the agency as independent contractors.
  • Your business contracts with the agency to locate and provide suitable contractors.
  • You can choose contractors from the agency's recommended list, or you can recommend personnel you would like the agency to consider.
  • Work is performed to your satisfaction.
  • You pay the agency a pre-arranged contracted price.
  • The agency pays the contractors and administers all statutory and legal requirements including PAYG tax, payroll tax, public liability & other required insurances and voluntary superannuation.

You're In Control

TCS is a licensee of Odco Contracting Systems Australia Pty Ltd, the company that licences the Odco Contracting system, supplying both a support and auditing role to over 40 licensees throughout Australia.
TCS has its headquarters in Hobart. A Contractor Support Officer is also based in Devonport.
Tasmanian Contracting Services